How to Change My PS3 From HDMI Back to AV With No Cable Images

A PlayStation 3 console that is set to HDMI output mode will display a blank screen when hooked up using the standard AV cables. This can be an issue when buying a used PS3 console or switching from an HDMI-enabled HDTV to a SDTV without HDMI inputs. Since there is no display to navigate with, changing the video output options to AV output manually is impossible without an HDMI connection. To restore video output on an AV cable-connected television, the PS3 must be reset to the factory defaults.

Turn off the PS3 console if it is currently turned on by holding the power button until the green indicator light blinks and turns to red.

Press and hold the power button for at least five seconds.


Release the button when the PS3 console beeps twice. The PS3 console will start up with factory settings.


Log into your user account, and open the “System Settings” menu on the home screen dashboard.


Select “Video Settings” to display a list of video options. Set your AV output preferences in this option screen.



  • All settings are reset using this method, so set your network and audio preferences using the “System Settings” menu.