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How to Fix YouTube Quality on a PS3

The quality of YouTube videos on your Sony PlayStation 3 depend on a few specific settings. Even videos labeled as "high definition" by YouTube could appear block-filled and pixellated when played back on Sony's console. If you want to fix the quality of YouTube videos on your PlayStation 3 you can do so by adjusting a few of the system's settings.

Access YouTube via the dedicated icon in the Internet browser and not via the browser's address bar. Type "www.youtube.com" into the address bar of the PlayStation 3 to navigate to the main YouTube website.

Allow videos to buffer before loading them. Select the name of a video on the YouTube site and immediately select "Pause." Allow the red indicator bar at the bottom of the screen to completely fill with color to indicate that your PlayStation 3 has retrieved all of the video. Select "Play" to view a higher-quality version of the video than you would see if you hadn't allowed it to buffer.

Use the PS3YouTube.com website instead of the actual YouTube website when accessing via the address bar on your Web browser. PS3YouTube.com is a third-party website that adjusts the formatting of the main YouTube page and the videos themselves to take advantage of the PlayStation 3 console.


Videos and the YouTube site itself may load incorrectly and in poor quality because they are not formatted for the PS3. Selecting the "YouTube" icon from the main page of the browser takes you to a version of YouTube formatted completely for the PlayStation 3. PS3YouTube.com supports a number of features on the PS3, like high definition content, that you would not be able to access on the actual YouTube site.

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