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How to turn your PS3 into a computer

The PlayStation 3 is undoubtedly one of the best game consoles on the planet. Not only can you play your favorite high definition Blu-ray discs on the game console, you also can turn your Ps3 into a computing system with the help of an open source operating system called Linux. Unfortunately, Sony has decided to drop support of installing a different operating system on the new "slim" version but if you have the older model game console, you can complete the process in a few easy steps.

Things You'll Need:

  • Usb Mouse
  • High-Definition Tv
  • Hdmi Cable And Capable
  • Usb Keyboard

Download the latest version of Fedora for PS3. You can download the program for free from various sources on the Internet. After you have downloaded the ISO disk image, you must then burn the image on to a DVD. You must have a DVD burner on your computer to do this or ask the help of someone who does.

Set up the PS3 for the install. In your system settings on the Ps3, you will see the option to format the system. Be sure to back up the PS3 system before hand so you will not lose your game information and other files. When the format utility prompts you, select the setting that says "allocate 10 gigabytes to other OS." Choose the option for quick format and sit back.

Install the Linux operating system. When the formatting has completed the process, insert the Linux DVD install disk into your PS3 and choose the "install other OS" option in your system settings menu. The PS3 will attempt to find the boot loader file on the disk and will start the install process. The installation time can take a little while so be patient and do not turn off the system while it operates.


If at any time you want to boot back into the game system from Linux, you can via the top bar menu by selecting "boot to game OS." If you run into a problem and you can't get back into the game console, turn the machine of with the main switch on the back, flip the switch to the on position and then hold the soft turn on button on the front for about five seconds until you hear a second beep. This will reset the machines settings and you will then be able to get back into the system.

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