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How to Become a Power Ranger

So you want to be a Power Ranger? You want to wear spandex on a regular basis, operate a Zord that's taller than a skyscraper and rid the world of evil forces? Totally understandable, and totally do-able. But unless you take the right steps, your dream of shouting "It's morphin' time!" will never be fully realized. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to join the Power Rangers, so follow these crucial steps, and you'll be well on your way.

Become a teen with attitude. Not anyone can be a Power Ranger. First of all, if you're over the age of 18, you can go ahead and count yourself out. Enrollment at a high school is pretty much a must. And when Zordon of Eltar assembled his first group of Power Rangers, he didn't want just any ordinary teens. No, he asked Alpha for "a team of teenagers with attitude"—and Zordon knows what he's talking about, being a morphological being and all. So sass it up a little bit, and you're stepping in the right direction toward making the cut for the next Power Rangers fighting force.

Acquire some multicultural friends. No Power Rangers team is complete without a multiracial selection of sassy teens. If you and your friends want to wield the mighty Power Rangers power, you'd better broaden your cultural horizons and make nice with some kids of the ethnic persuasion. African-American and Asian kids stand the best chance of making it onto the team (Power Rangers originated in Japan, after all), so pick wisely.

Develop a preference for one color. If you're going to be a Power Ranger, you're going to be assigned a color for your Power Suit and Zord, which means you'll spend a lot of time with that color for the foreseeable future. You might as well pick a color now and get used to it. And if you already wear all green, for example, it'll make it a lot easier to assign you a color when the time comes to become a Ranger. Choose your color carefully, though; certain colors (like brown, purple and orange) aren't options in the Power Rangers world. Stick with your basic colors, and you should be safe.

Hone your martial arts skills. Besides making witty remarks and looking good in spandex, the most important skill you'll need as a Power Ranger is the ability to kick butt. You might find yourself in the heat of battle without even a second's notice, and if you can't fight your way through a group of Putty Patrolers or Grinders, you're dead meat. Take some karate classes and brush up on your gymnastics maneuvers before answering the call to join the Rangers.

Impress the right people. Even if you're sassy, colorful and skilled at martial arts, it doesn't mean anything unless you get the right people to notice you. And because morphological beings such as Zordon and Princess Shayla are often in charge of recruiting new Rangers, you'd better garner their attention as quickly as possible if you want to don a Power Rangers suit. A good way to do this is by demonstrating your valuable characteristics (such as intelligence, honesty or goodness of heart) because a well-rounded hero is always needed for a well-rounded evil-fighting force.

Believe in the extraordinary. If someone approaches you to join an elite squad of mystical crime-fighting teens, you'll need to suspend any disbelief in the unimaginable. The monsters and villains you face as a Power Ranger are literally out of this world, so you'd better prepare to see things you never thought possible.


  1. Teamwork is important on a crime-fighting squad. Make sure you play well with others.

  2. Get up off the couch and whip that flabby body into shape! There's never been a chubby Power Ranger.

  3. Sometimes it's all about luck; becoming a Power Ranger can be as easy as stumbling across a hidden powerful gem.

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