How to Become a Deal or No Deal Model

Karl Frankowski ( under Creative Commons 2.0 Attribution License.

Howie Mandle has one of the best jobs. He gets the chance to work with 26 beautiful models on the hit show "Deal or No Deal." Becoming a "Deal or No Deal" model requires the looks as well as an open casting call from NBC. Casting calls are rare for models due to the limited number of positions on the show (26). You will need to frequently visit the "Deal or No Deal" official site for casting calls as they become available. When a casting call opens up, producers will conduct open casting calls in select cities.

Open your web browser and navigate to the "Deal or No Deal" website (see References for link).

Scroll down the page to the "Now Casting" box. NBC will post open casting calls on their site when they are available. Search for "Deal or No Deal Models."

Search locations for open auditions. "Deal or No Deal" producers will conduct regional auditions. These auditions are typically in large metropolitan cities such as Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, New York and Atlanta. The only requirement for prospective models is that they have natural charisma, wit, warmth and enthusiasm. There are no specific height, weight or look requirements. However, based on the looks of previous models on the show, producers are likely searching for women who have a similar appearance to the Elite Models.

Show up to the audition location at least an hour and a half early. You will be waiting in line. Showing up early will better your chances of getting an audition. The producers have a set period that they will conduct auditions. If you are late, you cannot audition.

Wear clothing that best accents your body. There is a fine line between looking promiscuous and looking beautiful. A simple, yet classy dress that shows off your legs and cleavage is a safe choice.

Audition. When it is your turn, the producers and staff of "Deal or No Deal" will interview you and assess your physique. If they like you and think you would be a good fit for their show, they will call you back. In previous model castings, the top models were invited back to appear on the show. The viewers then voted by sending in a text message to the show for their favorite model. The models with the most votes received the position on the show.


  • Check back on the NBC Casting Site frequently for auditions and openings. This is the easiest way to find out if there is an open casting call located near you.