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How to Check the Authenticity of a Howard Miller Clock

Vintage Howard Miller grandfather clocks fetch thousands of dollars today.
mini grandfather image by GiGiZ from Fotolia.com

In 1926, Howard Miller founded his renowned clock company at the age of 21. Howard Miller clocks are handcrafted with quality workmanship and contain characteristics that are used to determine authenticity. In the 1960s, according to the Howard Miller corporate website, the company was dubbed “the world’s largest grandfather clock manufacturer." Today, the Howard Miller brand sells mantel, chiming and modern clock styles. Authenticity is crucial when determining clock value. The value of Howard Miller clocks is based upon age, style and depth of craftsmanship.

Authorizer Howard Miller clock dealers are knowledgeable and helpful.
fast service clock neon sign image by Karin Lau from Fotolia.com

Purchase a clock directly from an authorized Howard Miller dealer. You are guaranteed a brand new, authentic Howard Miller clock, which comes with a one-year warranty and no charges for repairing or replacing your clock. Many dealers also have a selection of vintage Howard Miller clocks within their store to choose from.

The Howard Miller script and logo run horizontal through the center of the dial.
clock in macro image by Alexey Klementiev from Fotolia.com

Check the face of the dial for the Howard Miller signature script. On every Howard Miller clock for the past 75 years, there is a distinguishing mark on the dial. Look for “Howard Miller” with the manufacturer logo styled "H over M" in the center. Also, on older models, “Made in Germany” is frequently displayed on the dial face.

The label on a vintage Howard Miller clock is visibly dated when authentic.
travel baggage stickers tags & labels - grunge tex image by Wingnut Designs from Fotolia.com

Open the back cover of your clock and read the manufacturer's label. Howard Miller clocks that open, such as grandfather styles, have a label with the model number for that clock. On the label the distinction, "Made in Germany” may be printed.

Appraisers may be found online. Submit a photo of your Howard Miller clock for authenticity review.
clock and souvenirs in esfahan image by Valery Shanin from Fotolia.com

Bring your clock to a trusted clock appraiser. Appraisal services are “peace of mind” when determining authenticity. Your appraisal will come with a certificate from the appraiser. Have your clock insured for the full value at the time of appraisal. Ask your appraiser for any tips on preserving your Howard Miller clock. Appraisers often refer clients to clock service centers that professionally clean and restore older clocks.

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