How to Attend a Free Movie Screening

Attend a Free Movie Screening

Before movies open in theaters, film studios often offer free screenings--especially in the Los Angeles area--to the public in order to gauge the response and maybe make some last-minute tweaks. If you know how to worm your way in, you can find yourself attending these free movies every month.

Find out which movie theaters are frequented by people offering free screenings by attending evening and weekend shows. These are the most popular shows and are most likely to have passes. Focus on the larger multiplexes, which are also more likely to offer passes. For example, in the Los Angeles area, the AMC Burbank 16 in Burbank and the AMC Promenade 16 in Woodland Hills are two that frequently offer passes to free screenings.

Look for one or two people standing around the ticket lines holding a clipboard. Make eye contact and look approachable.

If the person does not approach you, you can try asking if he's giving away passes, but keep in mind that he may be looking for a specific demographic into which you might not fall.

If he offers, take the pass, which is usually an 8 ½ x 11-inch sheet of paper that contains a summary of the movie and information about the free showing.

Pay attention to the age restrictions on the pass. There might be a specific age range (for example, 15 to 55) that the screeners are looking for.

RSVP that you going to attend by either emailing or calling the toll-free number on the pass. You will need to reference the ID number on the pass when you call or email.

Register on Nielsen's Movie View website to be notified of future free screenings.

Arrive 45 minutes before the show starts (usually 7:00 PM). If you arrive later than this, you might not get in.

Bring the pass with you.

Watch the movie. Try not to snore.

Complete the survey given to you after the movie finishes.


Note that the free screening doesn't always take place at the same theater that you got the pass. Pay attention to the address listed on the pass. Do not bring any audio or video recording devices, including camera phones. Your belongings will probably be searched before you enter the theater. No one in the entertainment industry or media is allowed inside these screenings.