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How to Increase the Odds of Winning a Raffle

Winning a raffle may depend on more than luck.
raffle tickets image by Alison Bowden from Fotolia.com

Schools and non-profit organizations hold raffles to raise funds for projects, offering cash and prizes for entrants with the winning ticket (or tickets). Raffle tickets may be sold individually or in a booklet, or the entrant may simply fill out a form with his or her contact information. Some states require a permit for raffles with prizes over a certain amount of money. Raffle participants can also enter state lottery raffles or raffles sponsored by companies to publicize their products.

Crinkle your ticket before placing it in the container. The person selecting the winning raffle ticket is more likely to grab a ticket that feels different than the other slick, cold paper tickets. Don’t alter the ticket in a noticeable way, just bend it so it will “stand out” from the other tickets.

Enter raffles with fewer participants. Raffles that offer the hottest video game or a shopping spree at a trendy store will attract more players. Look for raffles that offer less flashy prizes, like a vacuum cleaner or free landscaping services. Glance at the number of tickets in the container or check the number of people dropping tickets in it. You’ll have a better chance of winning with fewer tickets in the barrel.

Choose frequently picked numbers when playing a raffle lottery. Some states, like Arizona and Delaware, conduct special raffle lotteries in addition to their regular lottery. Frequently winning numbers are called “hot numbers," less frequently winning numbers are called "cold numbers." Study results on Lottery Post to pinpoint the most picked numbers in your state’s raffle lottery.

Play raffles consistently. The more raffles you enter, the greater the chance that you will win a prize. Keep track of raffles in your neighborhood, and make note of the date prizes will be announced so you don’t forget to enter.

Complete your contact information on the back of the raffle ticket. Some raffle participants forfeit their prizes due to missing or incomplete information. Even if you enter a raffle at the last minute, be sure to fill out all requested contact information.

Seek out unusual or hard- to-find raffles. Some stores and restaurants hold weekly raffles for free meals or merchandise with only a jar by the cash register and a note to announce the contest. You may have to fill out a form or simply drop a business card in the jar. Third-party raffle tickets or forms may also be available on store or restaurant counters. Entering these types of raffles may increase your chances as customers in a hurry to pay their bill and leave will bypass store counter displays.

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