How to Access Computer Files From a PS3

How to Access Computer Files From a PS3. The PlayStation 3 (PS3) is more than a game console. A networked PS3 allows you to access music and video files stored on any network computer. Watch downloaded movies and home videos or listen to your favorite MP3s on the big screen television and sound system without taking up hard drive space on the PS3.

Download and install updates for the PS3 web server. A notice that updates are available appears in the upper right corner of the screen after log in. Updates fix technical issues, decrease network file access time and increase the number of file types supported for display on the PS3.

Select a networked computer name from the Network menu on the PS3 to access shared files stored on the computer.

Navigate the folder hierarchy under the computer name to locate the supported video and music files in the Videos or Music folders. Supported files are also found under any personal folders you create.

Press the "X" button on the controller to select and play a file. Use the triangle button to enter a menu system for more options.


Download and installation times for the web browser updates take up to an hour depending on connection speed. Third-party ("home brew") programs that support a larger variety of file types and allow the transfer of files between the console and a network computer are available for download to the PS3.

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