How Music Affects Clothing Styles

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Musicians have always served as pop culture icons. Whether it is a conscious choice or a subconscious phenomenon, people tend to emulate the dress of musicians in the genres that they favor. Back in the 1980s, bright, neon clothing styles were heavily influenced by glam-rock bands popular at the time, such as Motley Crue and Aerosmith. More recently, people are styling themselves in a similar fashion to popular hip hop stars. However, every music genre inspires a certain style.


Country music listeners tend to keep their style simple. Usually they sport tight jeans and cowboy boots. Tucked-in flannel shirts are a popular choice. They also wear leather belts with large metal buckles. In true Southern form, the most popular type of hat for this genre of music is a standard cowboy hat.

Rap, Hip-Hop

Those influenced by rap music typically wear extra-large T-shirts with a white undershirt. Rap connoisseurs sport baggy jeans and athletic shoes, either basketball shoes or skating shoes. Rap fans tend to represent sport-related themes on their T-shirts, or just go with popular brand names. Rap music followers usually sport fitted baseball hats and leave the sticker on the bill with no flex. Rappers like to flaunt their bling, aka jewelry, as well.


People who listen to metal will typically wear a lot of black. Their T-shirts usually have a name of a metal band on it and their style is slightly worn. Hardcore metal fans wear tight jeans and tight shirts. They often have assorted piercings as well. When it comes to shoes, skateboarding ones are the primary choice, although many metal-heads wear black boots.

Emo Rock

Emo kids normally wear very tight jeans and small black shirts. They like to sport hooded sweatshirts, or hoodies, and wear beanies underneath. Often male emo kids sport black nail polish and wear their hair in a style that is inconsistently long and droops over one eye. For shoes, emo kids like skinny, converse-style shoes.


There is not a cookie-cutter style for fans of every music genre, but subcategories in music have undoubtedly produced consistent looks that are undeniable, especially if the style worn by the crowds outside of gigs are analyzed. Look at your own favorite clothing and figure out where your style belongs.


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