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How Does Music Affect the Way Teenagers Dress?

Teens typically want to fit in with a specific music scene.
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Teenagers want to feel like they are part of a scene, and one way to do this is through music. Music is not just the sound coming from a radio or an iPod; for hardcore fans, it's a lifestyle. Fashion based on music can have a positive or negative effect on teens, depending on how outrageous they decide to dress and who they are trying to dress like.


Musical genres tend to coincide with a specific fashion. For example, punk rock music is often related to spikes, leather and torn-up jeans. Hip-hop fans generally wear baggy pants, loose T-shirts and hats, while indie rockers are known for their flannel and skinny jeans. Most teens tend to dress like their peers, so they will pick up style tips from other fans at shows. An adolescent doesn't want to go to a show and look like he doesn't fit in or love the music.


Celebrities and band members are often the ones who start trends. Therefore, fans of the music will dress how their favorite musicians do. For example, Britney Spears fans were often spotted wearing outfits like the Catholic school girl ensemble in her "... Baby One More Time" video; Panic! at the Disco fans wear cabaret outfits to their shows. Teens may take a photos of their favorite musician to the salon for a similar haircut.

Fashion Lines

Successful or popular musicians may branch out into other lines of work, including the fashion industry. Fans of their music will support their favorite artist and purchase the clothes from their line. The clothing tends to aim toward a specific music genre. For example, although Miley Cyrus is a pop star, she is known for wearing indie chic styles. Her clothing line provides indie chic options with a rocker edge. Fans of Justin Bieber buy the nail polish with his name on it for OPI.

Music Videos

Teens will pick up fashion tips from music videos. In rap videos, the artists often show off their life of luxury, and fans want to appear to have this lifestyle, as well. They may want ears pierced with real diamonds or a large gold necklace because their favorite artist does.

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