How do I Make a 72 Inch Tower From Paper?

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Things You'll Need

  • Sheets of white paper or newspaper
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Pencil

Using plain white paper or newspaper you can build a tall paper tower. An extremely tall paper tower that is 72 inches (5 feet) will need a lot of support to stand up straight and you may want to lean the tower up against a wall to keep it steady. Add this tower as the finishing touch on a castle set and customize the walls with crayons and markers.

Turn a sheet of paper so that the long edge is horizontal. Draw a straight line from the bottom left corner diagonally up to the center of the top edge. Draw another line from the center of the top edge diagonally to the bottom right corner. You now have three triangles on the page. Cut out all three triangles.

Put a 2 centimeter fold on the edge opposite the triangle point on all three triangles. The folds of the triangles will create the base of the tower.

Roll pieces of paper tightly and tape them together at the edge to secure.

Tape rolled pieces of paper together where their edges meet. Continue to tape rolled pieces of paper together until you create a structure that is 72 inches tall. Cut the access paper if you need to.

Attach the three triangles to one end of the paper tower. Space them evenly apart from one another at the base and tape them in place. The folded edge should hang off the edge and the fold should be facing outwards.

Stand the tube up straight and tape the folds of the triangle to the floor for more support.


  • Decorate the paper tower using crayons and markers.


  • Always exercise caution when using scissors.