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How to Make Paper Bleachers

Bleachers provide plenty of seating for sports fans.
blue bleachers two image by Rick Sargeant from Fotolia.com

The stands are packed and the crowd is going wild. If you're making a model of a race course or sporting event, it wouldn't be complete without seating for the fans and spectators. Bleachers are the ideal structures for these events. They are also easy to make from paper using a few folding techniques. You can use a lightly colored paper, but a heavier card stock will produce a more solid model.

Bleachers provide plenty of seating for sports fans.
blue bleachers two image by Rick Sargeant from Fotolia.com

Things You'll Need:

  • Glue
  • Scissors Or Utility Knife
  • 4 Sheets Of Light Card Stock Or Heavy Paper

Position the 8 ½ inches by 11 inches paper so that the long edge faces you. Fold the top 1/2-inch down to form a tab. Repeat on the bottom. You will use these tabs to glue the bleachers to the support beam.

Fold the top 3/4-inch of the page down toward the center. Flip the paper over.

Fold the top 1/2-inch of the paper down. This will bring the previous 3/4-inch fold upward.

Repeat these folds until you run out of paper. This creates the steps look of the bleachers.

Tug both ends of the paper to form the steps look of the bleachers.

Place a second piece of paper in front of you with the long edge facing you. Fold the top 3 inches down. Lift this flap up to form an L-shape.

Glue the 1/2-inch flaps on the top and bottom of the steps to the L-shaped paper. Attach the lower tab to the longer section of the paper, and the upper tab to the shorter section. Leave the glue to dry for 10 minutes. This creates the bleachers and the base.

Stand the bleachers on its side, on another piece of paper, so that the hollow section faces upward. Trace the exterior of the bleachers onto this sheet of paper.

Draw tabs on the tops of the steps, and on the back and bottom of this strut piece. Draw lines parallel to the back, bottom and steps, 1/2-inch outside of the shape. Join these lines to the strut piece.

Cut out this side strut piece and cut the lines between the flaps. Trace it three times onto your remaining sheets of paper, and cut out the pieces to create a set of four total struts inside.

Fold the flaps on one strut upward to a 90-degree angle. Dab glue on the outside of these tabs and push them toward the center of the L-shape so that the right-angle corners match up.

Dab glue on the tabs of the bleachers and place them onto the L-piece so that they fit over the strut. Leave the glue to dry overnight.

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