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How to Make a Homemade Mic Stand Out of Paper

That microphone stand could be made out of paper.
Microphone image by Towards Ithaca from Fotolia.com

Every microphone needs a home and that home is called a microphone or "mic" stand. These tall, often adjustable microphone holders come in handy when performers need to use both hands or just get tired of holding the mic. They are often made of metal or some other very sturdy material. However, you can actually make a microphone stand out of plain, printing paper. It doesn't take that long to construct and is just as sturdy as a regular microphone stand.

That microphone stand could be made out of paper.
Microphone image by Towards Ithaca from Fotolia.com

Things You'll Need:

  • Scissors
  • Paper Towel Roll
  • Pencil
  • 2 Large Rolls Of Invisible Tape
  • Super Glue
  • 2 Packages Of Printing Paper, 500 Sheets Each

Open one package of paper, take out 40 sheets and stack them together tightly. Grab one long side of the stack and roll the stack up lengthwise into a tight but hollow cylinder. Tape this cylinder at the top and bottom so that it stays together when you let it go. Tape it lengthwise for added stability. Make another, identical cylinder out of 40 sheets and set aside.

Take 30 sheets of paper and roll them up and tape them in the same fashion, slightly tighter than the last two cylinders. Repeat this process with another 30 sheets of paper, making two identical rolls.

Make two more cylinders in the same manner as above using 20 sheets each and rolling them as tightly as possible, leaving no hollow space in the middle. Tape them very securely.

Tape all of these cylinders together. First, tape the two cylinders of each thickness together end-to-end. The two cylinders made of 40 sheets should be taped together, then the two 30-sheet cylinders and lastly the two 20-sheet cylinders so that you have three long paper rods.

Tape the three rods together end-to-end with the 40-sheet thick rod on one end, the 30-sheet thick rod in the center and the 20-sheet thick rod on the other end. The rod should be taped very thoroughly at these joints.

Open the second package of paper. Keep the entire stack together. On top of the first page of the stack, hold the long section of the microphone stand straight up with the 40-sheet thick end touching the center of the paper. Trace around the base of the long section, not actually touching the rod but drawing very close to it, leaving a circle slightly larger than the base.

Take off the top 20 sheets of the stack and hold them together tightly. Fold them (lengthwise or widthwise) over so that the circle on the top sheet is divided in half. Carefully, cut out the circle in the center, cutting through all 20 sheets. Trace the base of the long rod again on the new top sheet of the stack and repeat this folding and cutting. Repeat this until all of the sheets in the large stack have the circle cut in the middle.

Stack all of the sheets together again very tightly so that the circles line up perfectly in the center. Tape this stack together very tightly, taping all of the edges and the center together so that the stack holds together tightly. Leave the center hole uncovered.

Insert the long rod into the hole in the taped stack of paper. Securely tape the long rod to the stack of paper. Cut off a 2-inch section of the paper towel roll. On top of that section, cut out a rectangle 1/2-inch wide and the length of the paper towel roll section. You should now have a piece that looks like the microphone-holding clip on a microphone stand. Make two more identical pieces and glue each inside the first piece so that it is thick and rigid. Glue and tape this piece to the top of the microphone stand securely.

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