How Do I Get Tickets to the Grammy Awards?

Michael Blann/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Every year the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences presents the Grammy Awards at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. The Grammys were originally known as the Gramophone Awards, and have been presented to deserving music artists in domestic and international categories every year since 1959. Getting tickets to the glitzy award ceremonies is tricky but possible, even if you are just a fan.

Artists and Musical Professionals

If you are nominated for an award or have worked as a musician, technician or other professional on a nominated song, album or release, you will automatically receive an invitation to the Grammy Awards. If you work for a company that produced nominated artists or albums, your chances of scoring an invitation are also pretty good. Recording engineers, producers and mixers are included in this group.

Members of the Academy

Members of the Academy include musicians, recording engineers, producers and other professionals in the recording industry. Anyone who works in the industry can apply to become an associate or voting member of the Academy. To qualify as an associate member, send a business card or letterhead to the Academy explaining your involvement in the recording industry. In order to qualify as a voting member, you need the endorsement of two existing voting members or have a credit on at least six tracks of an album released commercially in the United States.

Contest Winners

Radio and television stations across the country offer Grammy packages and individual tickets as prizes or giveaways in special promotional campaigns. Scour local media outlets and music-related retailers for contest opportunities. Don't forget the big music blogs and Internet radio stations, as they also offer tickets to faithful followers each year. Someone has to win these tickets -- it might as well be you.

Ticket Services and Agencies

If you've failed to acquire tickets via official channels, or your luck with the contests just isn't happening, there is still hope. Tickets are sometimes available for sale through various off and online ticket services, auction sites, agencies or brokers. While many of these agencies and websites have acquired Grammy tickets through legitimate means, there are some who are simply scalping tickets, so buyer beware.