Homemade Princess Leia Costumes

Princess Leia buns make a fun look -- for anyone.
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Don't show up to the Galactic Civil War, or your next costume party, without the right Princess Leia costume. A fashion-forward Rebel leader, Princess Leia is known throughout the galaxy for her white robes, her working woman’s attire and her slave wardrobe. You can embrace your inner Princess Leia by adding Star Wars accessories to your ready-made attire. Create iconic Leia hair designs to complete your costume.

A New Hope Princess Leia

In "A New Hope," Leia wears a long, white gown with a leather belt and knee boots. Her hair is pulled up into her most iconic style: two side buns. A white gown with handkerchief sleeves can be worn with knee boots for the basic Leia look. Add a handmade faux-leather belt to pull the look together. Measure your waist to determine the length of the front of the belt. The belt should be 4 inches wide. Add five felt circles to the belt. The center circle is white, and the other circles are silver. Sew the white circle to the center of the belt, and add two silver ones to each side. Space them evenly. Sew two long, silver beads onto the center of each circle. Punch two holes onto each end of the belt, and add cord. Use two Styrofoam dome halves covered with yarn to create the side buns. Secure them with barrettes.

Empire Strikes Back Leia

On the planet Hoth, Leia is dressed warmly in white cargo pants, a red shirt and a white bubble jacket. Her hair is pulled back into a center bun, with a long braid looped below. Create this hairstyle with a medium-sized Styrofoam dome shape, brown felt, brown yarn and hot glue. Cover the Styrofoam with brown felt. Hot glue strands of yarn to the top of the dome. Braid several strands of yarn together to create a 2-foot braid. Cover the ends with a small amount of felt, and hot glue it to the sides of the bun. Add a hair clip to the underside of the bun.

Return of the Jedi Leia

Leia is dressed in one of her most memorable outfits in "Return of the Jedi." To create this look, spray paint a bikini with copper-colored spray paint. Allow it to dry. Sew thick, gold cord across the bikini top in a curly-Q pattern. Take the measurement from your waist to mid-calf. Cut two rectangular pieces of fabric that are 8 inches wide, and the same length as the measurement. Sew the rectangle to the top back and front portions of the bikini. Add gold cord across the top of the bikini bottoms.

Leia Makeup and Accessories

Princess Leia usually has a natural look. This is created with smudged black eyeliner, lip gloss and neutral blush. Darker colors should be used for the prisoner costume. Add chunky, heeled boots to the "New Hope" or "Empire Strikes Back" costume look. Ankle bracelets are cute additions for the slave-girl costume from "Return of the Jedi." To create Princess Leia's blaster, use a toy gun that shoots foam bullets, and paint it black.