Homemade Bunny Costume

Whether it's a Halloween costume or for use as a stand-in for the Easter Bunny himself--if a bunny costume becomes a necessity, don't spend oodles of money purchasing one. Make your own. A few simple supplies from your local craft and department stores will soon find you or someone you love hopping down that proverbial bunny trail.


Assemble the following items in preparation for making your homemade bunny costume. You will need a pair of white sweatpants or leggings, a pair of white gloves and a long-sleeved white turtleneck top. In addition, this costume will require a pair of white and pink bunny ears (available at your local party supply store) and some pink lipstick and black eyeliner.

Buy white yarn and a kit for making pom-poms at your sewing supply or craft supply store. You will also need safety pins or a needle and white thread.


Follow the step-by-step instructions on your pom-pom kit to make a large white pom-pom from yarn. This will be your bunny tail. Fasten the tail to the seat of the sweatpants using a safety pin or a few simple stitches with white thread. An easy alternative to making a pom-pom from yarn is to purchase a white bath "poof," and affix it in place of the pom-pom tail.

If you aren't able to find a pair of bunny ears at the store, don't fret. They're simple to make. Pick up some white and pink felt, some floral wire and a white winter cap.

Trace four long ears onto the white felt and two slightly smaller versions onto the pink felt. Use scissors to cut out the ear shapes. Fasten the pink ears to one pair of the white ears with glue. Cut and shape floral wire to just under the dimensions of the white ears. Use glue to fasten the wire to the back of the white ears that have the pink ears fastened to them. Next, fasten the remaining pair of white ears over the floral wire to cover it, using more glue.

Firmly stitch the ears to both sides of the white cap. These ears may not stand up, depending on the size of the ears and the strength of the wire; in this case the ears will fall to the side in a "floppy" look.


Don your bunny suit, complete with your new tail and ears. Dab some pink lipstick or rouge onto your nose. Draw whiskers using eyeliner.

If you wish to cover up shoes as well, create easy shoe covers using more white felt. Simply trace a large circle that is just wider than the shoes worn by the person wearing the bunny costume. Cut a smaller hole in the center and a straight line leading from the outside of the circle to the smaller circle.

Slip the white covers over the shoes and use safety pins to close the cover on the back or the side.


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