Good Ideas for Decorations for a Park Wedding

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If you are getting married in a park, you can choose from a variety of themes for your wedding that will suit the setting. Once you have a theme, it is easy to choose decorations, whether you are in a mountainside forest, at a placid lake shore or in a botanical garden. At your outdoor wedding, you have the opportunity to reflect the beauty of the surrounding area.


Choose colors for the wedding attendants and table decor that complement the setting as well as the season. If you’re getting married in a rose garden in spring, use the colors of your favorite roses -- pink, coral, cream. If you’ve chosen a city park in the fall, choose reds, oranges and other autumn leaf colors.


Outdoor weddings are beautiful, but you also have to deal with the chance of bad weather. Setting up a tent provides not only shelter but a great palette for you to decorate. If you are having an evening wedding, you can string twinkling white lights to imitate the stars. You can also hang Chinese lanterns for bright, easy pops of color or drape colorful pieces of tulle for a more whimsical feeling.

Garden Picnic

If you’re doing your wedding on the cheap, you can pack picnic lunches in pretty baskets for your guests. Use them first as centerpieces, and then the meal. Put floral or red-checked cloths on the tables. You can let guests keep the baskets as the wedding favors. In the basket, pack sandwiches, chips, fresh fruit and small bottles of wine or champagne.


If you’re getting married in a country park, plant flowers in rustic metal buckets to decorate the tables. If you’re getting married in an Asian-style garden, try stalks of bamboo and lilies in vases. Potted flowers make a great accent no matter where you are, and you can give them away to guests after the wedding. You can also thread flowers onto string and hang them anywhere – in the tent, on the trees or behind rows of chairs.

Fun Accents

You can decorate the area with accents that play off the park setting. For an evening wedding, use rustic lanterns to light the paths from ceremony to reception. If you love birds, place small bird houses or bird feeders among the trees and use them as centerpieces for a quaint, charming feel. Guests can take them home as favors, too.