Girl Scout Valentine Crafts

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If your Girl Scout troop is busy trying to figure out what they'll give parents, grandparents and friends for Valentine's Day, consider fun and creative crafts that will last much longer than chocolate hearts. Most Valentine's Day crafts projects can be adapted to fit different age levels and skill sets.

Bead Crafts

Jewelry-making crafts are popular with Girl Scouts. The finished products make keepsakes as Valentine's Day gifts for their mothers, sisters and friends. Purchase beads in thematic colors for the holiday, including red, pink, white, and metallic gold and silver. For a twist on beaded jewelry, try a more general craft project -- for instance, string beads onto pipe cleaners and then form the pipe cleaners into heart shapes, perfect for key chains or trinkets.

Felt Crafts

Heart-shaped napkin rings are interesting and challenging for older Girl Scouts, although adult supervision is recommended. Cut out two heart shapes, one pink and one red. Take a rectangular strip of felt and cut the corners off each end to form rounded half-heart shapes. At this point, the strip should look like two halves of a heart separated by a long center. Carefully cut slits into the middle of each full heart shape and insert the ends of the felt strip through both hearts -- the two ends of the strip should now be side be side, forming a third heart-shaped layer on top of the two full hearts. The resulting ring should be large enough to accommodate a rolled napkin.

Recyclable Crafts

Encourage Girl Scouts to help the environment while creating budget-friendly valentine gifts that reuse items rather than discard them. These crafts work well after Valentine's Day, when Girl Scouts have old candy wrappers and packaging. For instance, recycle an empty heart-shaped candy box by covering it with patterned fabric to create a backpack for a doll. For older Girl Scouts, use a Valentine's gift box lid to create a simple photo frame.

Paper Crafts

Paper Valentine crafts are classic and entertaining. Girl Scouts can create one-of-a-kind valentine hearts for friends and family. Stock up on basic materials and embellishments, including red, white and pink construction paper, metallic gold paper for accents, doilies in different sizes, colors and shapes, and valentine-themed stickers. For Girl Scouts who want a more challenging craft project, provide the materials to make multi-layered tissue paper flowers and display them in a custom-made vase, fashioned from a recycled bottle.