Fun Indoor Games for Girls

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Certain games exist for both boys and girls; however, many games just don’t make boys particularly excited or thrilled. These games, dubbed “girl games,” seem perfect for girls, whether you play them during a party or whenever you just feel bored. So grab your best girl friends and get to playing some indoor girl games.

Girlie Ball

If you have a beach ball lying around unused, you can create a fun game to play with your friends inside. Before you play the game, you’ll have to write some questions all over the ball using a permanent marker. Your friends will have to answer these questions later, so pick some fun ones that’ll surely make your friends laugh, or better yet, blush. Questions like “Who’s your secret crush?“ or “If you could hold hands with any movie star, who would it be?“ Just remember to keep your handwriting legible so others can read it. Once you’ve finished writing these questions on the ball, get all your friends to sit around in a circle. Then, throw the ball gently to one person in the circle. That person has to look under her right thumb to find a question she must answer. After she has finished answering, she must continue the process and throw the ball to another player in the circle. This goes on until everyone has gotten a chance to answer a question, or just until you’re ready to move on to the next game.

Dress Up Relay

To prepare for this game, look in your closet for clothing, and choose two items for every type of clothing. For example, you can pick two sweaters, two pairs of gloves, two pairs of boots and two hats. Once you’ve found the clothing items, throw on the play area two piles of clothes containing one item of each type of clothing. Divide the players into two teams of equally numbered players. Both teams must line up next to their respective clothing piles. When you say “Go,” the first player of either team must put on the clothing in the pile as quickly as she can. Once she has finished putting the clothes on, she has to take the clothes off and hand them to the next player. The game ends when one team--the winning team--finishes before the other team.


Girls often have more stuffed animals than they can count. To take advantage of this, you can give each of your friends one of your stuffed animals and let them get to know the inanimate object for a while. When it’s time to play the game, grab all of the stuffed animals and put them in a pile in the middle of the play area. Then, blindfold each of the girls. One by one, each girl has to find her stuffed animal within the pile. Whoever picks her stuffed animal first wins the game.