Fun Girl Games for Teens

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When hosting a party for teen girls, the guests need more than pizza, movies and boy talk. Avoid boredom with fun games the teen girls will love. From makeover games to silly games, keep the girls on their toes with games planned for the entire event. Award the game winners with prizes, such as gift card to a local nail salon or retail store, to keep them willing to play more games.


Have the teen girls sit in a circle and give each teen 10 dry beans or pieces of candy to hold in their hands. Place an empty bowl in the middle of the circle and select one girl to go first. She has to say, “I have never ____.” For example, “I have never been to Mexico” or “I have never been snorkeling.” Any players who have done that have to place one of their beans or candies in the bowl in the middle of the circle. The girls have to continue around the circle trying to come up with things she has never done, but that the other teens might have done. When a teen loses all her beans or candies, she is out of the game. The last player standing or the player with the most beans or candies left at the end of the game wins.

Crazy Outfits

Divide the teen girls into teams of three or four and give each team a large paper sack. Fill each sack with one roll of aluminum foil, one roll of plastic wrap, two rolls of scotch tape and one roll of toilet paper. Send each team into a different room and tell them they have 30 minutes to create outfits, accessories and shoes using only the items provided. After 30 minutes, each team has to model their outfits. Award prizes to the best, silliest, scariest and funniest outfits.

Spoon Relay Race

Have the teens split into two teams and each stand in a single file line. Take two balls of yarn and tie spoons to the end of each ball. Hand a yarn ball with spoon to the first player in each line. When you say, “Go,” the first girl has to stick the spoon down through her shirt and pant. The next player in line has to do the same thing. The first teen has to unroll the yarn to give each teammate enough slack to place the spoon down her shirt and pants. When the spoon reaches the last player in line, the girls have to go back through their shirts and pants to send it back, while the first player winds up the yarn ball. The first team to have the ball wound up and the spoon back in the hand of the first player wins the game.

Blind Makeovers

Tell the teen girls to select a partner and blindfold one of the girls on each team. Place blush, eye shadow, powder and lipstick in front of each blindfolded girl. The blindfolded player has to use the makeup to give her partner a makeover. Give the girls five minutes to complete the makeover. Award a prize to the best makeover. Switch partners and blindfolds to play again.