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A pinnacle of the culture and trends of the 1980s, "Flashdance" made a timeless impression that is a popular choice for costumes even today. The film tells the tale of a struggling dancer who beats the odds and wows the judges at a prestigious dance school with a breathtaking dance and gymnastic routine. Many girls imitate her classic '80s ensemble for Halloween parties, costume parties and theme parties.


The most recognizable outfit worn by main character Alex Owens is the workout ensemble shown on the film's cover. The outfit is simple and can be easily created by items you already have in your own closet. Alex wears a black leotard with a worn-out gray sweatshirt over it. Cut the neck of the sweatshirt so the neckline is wide and falls over one shoulder.


Accessories are minimal but essential to the accuracy of a "Flashdance" costume. Wrap white athletic tape around the balls of your feet. This is a typical style of many dancers who dance barefoot, as it helps reduce the friction between feet and floor, enabling them to turn and spin more easily. Wear black leg warmers on your legs as well. If you are traveling to a party or otherwise need to incorporate some kind of shoe, use a muted-color pair of flip flops or nude ballet slippers.


The character of Alex in "Flashdance" wears the stereotypical head of fluffy curls associated with the fashion and trends of the 1980s. Curl your hair with an iron or by pin curling, twisting strands of damp hair into a ball and securing with a bobby pin. Blow-dry your hair upside down to give more curl and volume. Secure with hairspray. Use barrettes to clip hair away from your face.


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