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How to Enable a Boost Mobile Reboost Card

Re-boost your Boost Mobile card.
mobile phone image by Clark Duffy from Fotolia.com

Boost Mobile is a pay-as-you-go cell phone service that offers customers a variety of ways to refill their account for convenient, continuous service. The Reboost Card can be purchased at a variety of locations, from department and grocery stores to gas stations and entertainment outlets.

Purchase a Reboost card in the amount you wish to refill. Reboost cards come in multiple denominations, including $20, $30 and $50 increments.

Make sure that as you are checking out, the cashier scans the card and hands you the receipt. The receipt contains valuable information on how to activate your Reboost card. If the card is not properly scanned, the pin number will remain inactive, and you will not be able to add to your phone.

Scratch off the silver box on your Reboost card with a coin.

Enter the number 233 (ADD) from your Boost Mobile cell phone in a place where you have a strong service connection and wait for the automated menu.

Choose to add a Reboost card code from the automated menu and upon the prompt, enter the pin number on the back of your card. Listen carefully to the menu and make sure you adhere to all of the instructions.Ddon't disconnect until you know that your Reboost has been added to your phone.


You can also top-up your Boost Mobile account with a valid credit or debit card, or bank account.

Setting up automatic Reboost with your credit card ensures you never let your service expire.


  • 60 days of inactive service will deactivate your Boost Mobile account, and you will lose your current phone number. You may be charged an extra fee to reactive your phone.
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