Double Knitting Instructions

Double knitted projects look the same on both sides.

Double knitting creates a two-sided tube using just two knitting needles. Because the fabric is doubled, projects are thicker and warmer than a regularly knitted piece. You can use double knitting to make hats, pillows and bags that are open-ended or thick and sturdy material that can be used for rugs, scarves or potholders. The process is easy to master and both sides of the fabric will look the same.

What You Need

Using white yarn on one side and black on the other makes the work interesting.

Use two straight knitting needles and simple worsted yarn for your first project. Make sure you use the right size needles. You can look at the yarn label to locate the suggested needle size.

Begin with a plain yarn, free of embellishments. Novelty yarn like fun fur, ribbon or fuzzy will make it more difficult to see your stitches. With more experience you can use specialty yarns. You can also knit with two colored yarns-one for each side. This gives the piece a negative/positive effect. Using two colors can make your first time easier. If working with a pattern, keep it simple.

Double Knitting Process

The other side of the double knitted piece.

Begin by casting on an even number of stitches. Keep the number of stitches low until you are comfortable with the process. Making a small project or swatch first is recommended.

After casting on, turn your work. For the first row, knit one stitch. Pull the yarn to the front of the work, as if you are ready to purl. Slip the second stitch. Bring the yarn to the back of the needles and knit one stitch. Slip the next stitch the same way you did before. The pattern for all rows is "knit one, slip one as if to purl." Repeat these two stitches across the row. All consecutive rows are knitted the same way. You will find as you go that you are actually knitting every other stitch on the needles.

You are now knitting in a round, with each row knitted half of that round. Work until the piece is the size you want. When you are finished, bind off. You now have a tube, or hollow pillow.

Double knitting patterns are available at hobby stores, yarn shops, knitting magazines and books and online.