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How to Sew a Blanket With a Serger

Make a simple blanket by serging the edges.
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A serger sewing machine enables you to streamline your sewing projects by finishing the seams -- called overlocking. A serger sews with both needles and loopers, so you simultaneously sew the seams and finish the edges of your fabrics. Because the serger makes fast work of fabric edges, it lends itself ideally to making blankets. Sew a blanket with a serger, using a single layer of thick fabric, to create a cozy blanket.

Things You'll Need:

  • Scissors
  • Fabric Marker
  • Fabric (Polar Fleece Or Flannel)
  • Hand-Sewing Needle
  • Dinner Plate
  • Serger
  • Serger Thread (Colors Either Contrasting Or Complementing The Fleece)

Round the corners of the fabric using a plate as a curved template. Lay out the fabric on a flat surface. Position the plate with the curve of the plate sitting in the corner of the fabric so just the corner of fabric extends beyond the curve of the plate. Trace around the curve of the plate with the fabric marker to create a rounded corner. Repeat the same process with each of the four corners of the fabric. Cut along the lines with the scissors.

Thread the serger with the thread. Because you are just finishing the fabric edge and not sewing a seam, use three threads, one for the stitching (one needle only) and two for the loopers. Use one color for all three threads or three different thread colors if you want to create a multicolored stitch-and-loop effect around the fabric.

Position the fabric right side up in the serger so the edge of the presser foot rests at the outer edge of the fabric.

Serge along the edge of the fabric, stitching slowly to ensure that you sew evenly. Continue serging along the entire outer edge of the fabric until you come back around to your starting point.

Remove the fabric from the serger and cut off the stitching tails so they are approximately 2 inches long. You will have two tails at the same point, one from the beginning of your stitching and one from the ending of your stitching.

Thread both tails together onto the hand-sewing needle. Insert the needle through approximately 10 overlock stitches along the edge of the blanket. Pull the needle through and you will anchor the thread tails through the overlock stitching. Cut off any excess thread tails to finish the blanket.


Choose the fabric you want for your blanket. Polar fleece often has widths of 60 and 72 inches. Flannel may have a width of 60 inches. If you choose the 60-inch width, make a square blanket by purchasing 1.6 yards of fabric. If you choose the 72-inch width, make a square blanket by purchasing 2 yards of fabric.

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