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How to Sew Rick Rack on Corners

Rick rack adds interest to a sewing project.
sewing image by Aleksandr Ugorenkov from Fotolia.com

The popularity of rick rack, a decorative tape with a wavy appearance, has not waned for more than a century. Also called waved braid, it comes in various sizes and colors, but you sew all of it on the same way, with a straight line of stitching down the middle. You do not need to follow the zig-zag. Making turns may appear intimidating, but rick rack lends itself to smooth, neat corners on any sewing project.

Pin the rick rack in position. If you are sewing several lines of rick rack, draw lines with fabric marker as a guide.

Fold the rick rack at the corner for a square corner. Just fold it over on itself and pin it in place. You can create a tuck so the same side stays up, or turn it over. It is the same on both sides.

Sew the rick rack with a straight line of stitching down the middle of the tape. Stop at the corner when your needle reaches the fold you made and pinned. Remove the pin holding the corner but leave the sewing machine needle in place. It should be through the center of the fold so it stays in position.

Raise the presser foot and pivot the fabric and rick rack a quarter turn. The presser foot is the metal or plastic foot below the needle that holds the fabric in place. Lower the presser foot and resume sewing. Back stitch, or stitch in reverse, a few stitches to secure the stitching when you reach the end of the rick rack. Cut and trim the thread to finish.


You can also use a steam iron to shape the rick rack for a curve. Iron it into shape before you pin it in place.

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