How to Embroider on Koozies

Things You'll Need

  • Blank koozie (preferably unsewn)
  • Sticky-back stabilizer
  • Embroidery design

Whether you need to keep cold drinks cold or hot drinks hot, neoprene "koozies" are always handy to have around. An embroidered or monogrammed koozie is a unique, inexpensive gift and a fun way to make sure your drink never gets mixed up with someone else's. Specialty shops online sell unsewn blank koozies to fit cans, water bottles, wine bottles, beer bottles and paper cups. Most of these are suitable for embroidery.

If your koozie is already sewn together, use a seam-ripper to remove one seam so that the koozie will lie flat.

Hoop the sticky-back stabilizer snugly and tighten the hoop screw. The stabilizer should be taut inside the hoop.

Adhere the koozie to the stabilizer using the marks on the hoop to line up the embroidery area.

Attach the hoop to the embroidery machine and stitch out the design.

Remove the hoop from the machine and gently peel the koozie away from the stabilizer, tearing the stabilizer around the stitches.

Fold the koozie wrong-side-out and stitch up edges according to the manufacturer's instructions. Turn the koozie right-side-out and enjoy.


  • Lighter, less-dense embroidery designs like monograms or redwork will work better on koozies since more dense designs will cause the neoprene to stretch. Use a sharp, universal or embroidery needle to pierce the rubbery neoprene.

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