DIY: Glass Etching Stencils

laser etched virgo in the glass image by Igor from

Things You'll Need

  • Digital image
  • Printer
  • Clear contact paper (or vinyl paper)
  • Tape
  • Craft knife
  • Scissors
  • Glass etching cream

Making your own stencils for glass etching enables you freedom to make beautiful custom glassware from home. Personalizing glass makes great gifts for weddings, baby showers, birthdays, and holidays. (See Resources 1)

There are many kits available at your local craft store, however making your own stencils are an affordable solution to make your projects stand out. If you make stencils out of an adhesive paper, like recommended below, the stencil will adhere to the glass better and the etching cream will not bleed through the edges of the design. This will give you clean, crisp lines on your glass. (See Resources 2)

Find an image on your computer.

Print your image on plain paper.

Put the printed page on top of your clear contact paper and tape the edges. Be sure to put your image on the right side of the contact paper so that your design will not come out backward.

Use your craft knife to cut the image out of the contact paper. Be sure to cut out the part that you want to be etched on the glass.

Use scissors to cut away any excess paper before you put the image on your glass.

Remove the backing of the contact paper.

Apply the stencil to the clean glass.

Follow the instruction on the label of your glass etching product to finish etching the glass.


  • This activity is not intended for children. (See Resources 1)


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