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How to Tell What Year Your Coke Bottle Is

Coke bottles, when in good condition, can fetch quite a bit of money on the antique and collectors markets. However, as with all things collectible the older the bottle is the more money you are likely to receive. If you are trying to tell what year a particular Coke bottle you own was manufactured in, you can do so using the Internet as your resource.

Open your Web browser and visit the "Evolution of the Contour Bottle" page on the Coca-Cola website (see Resources). This page was set up to provide information to people all over the world who are interested in collecting Coke bottles.

Click "Download" from the bottom of the screen and select "Open". This will open a new window containing an image of the various types of Coke bottles in use over the years as well as the dates they were released.

Compare the Coke bottle you are trying to get more information about with the Coke bottles on screen. When you find the image that matches your bottle, look at the year it was released to find out when the design was in production.

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