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How to Use a Chartpak Blender

Use the Chartpak Blender to make colors bleed together.
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The Chartpak Blender is an illustration marker that bleeds colors together when it is rubbed over them. You can also create black-and-white image transfers with this marker. The Chartpak Blender contains xylene, which is a clear solvent that thins paint and causes it to run. Use the Chartpak Blender to make the transitions between colors seamless and quickly transfer images to paper, wood or other nonporous media.

Things You'll Need:

  • Scissors
  • 2 Colored Markers
  • Plain Paper
  • Laser Copier Or Printer
  • Tape
  • Bleedproof Paper

Bleed Colors Together

Color a small area of the bleedproof paper with a colored marker.

Color a small area adjacent to the colored area with a marker of a different color. It is OK if the colors overlap slightly.

Rub the Chartpak Blender marker over the colored areas using sweeping horizontal, vertical or diagonal strokes. Do not lift the marker when you go over the area where the two colors meet. Go over the colored areas until the colors bleed together.

Transfer an Image

Print a black-and-white reversed image onto a piece of plain paper using a laser copier or printer. Do not use an inkjet printer.

Cut the image out of the paper with your scissors. Leave enough space around the image so it can be taped down without the tape overlapping the image.

Place the printout face down on the object you want to decorate with the transfer, such as bleedproof paper, wood or a tightly woven fabric. Tape the two bottom corners of the paper to the object. Do not tape over the image.

Hold down the untaped edge of the paper. Rub the Chartpak Blender marker over the image with sweeping horizontal strokes until the entire image is covered.

Press a hard, flat object, such as a paperweight or heavy glass, on the image.

Lift the untaped side of the image carefully to check if the image transferred successfully. If the image is too dull, wait for the solvent to dry and repeat Steps 4 and 5.


Use a well-ventilated space when working with the Chartpak Blender marker. Place a piece of cardboard under the object receiving the image transfer to prevent the marker from bleeding onto your table.


  • The transferred image will look blurry if the original image moves while you are making the transfer. Xylene is toxic. Keep the Chartpak Blender marker away from children and pets.
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