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List of Fun Stuff to Do With Lighters

Do something better than smoke with your cigarette lighter.
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Cigarette lighters may be most commonly associated with smoking, however you can find some safe and fun stuff to do with lighters. Whether you want to serve a drink, paint a picture or share a joke or important message with everyone you come in contact with, you can do it with a lighter.

Open Bottles

A fun way to show your resourcefulness and lend a helping hand to thirsty onlookers is by using your cigarette lighter to open beer and soda bottles. Grasp the neck of the bottle -- just under the cap -- firmly in your fist. Slide your fist upwards until the bottom of the cap rests gently over the sides of your thumb and forefinger. With your other hand, hold the lighter firmly at the wheel end, and slide the bottom end between your thumb and the bottom of the cap. In one quick motion, pull down on the end of the lighter that is in your hand to push the cap upwards and pop it off.

Paint and Decorate

If you are artistically inclined, a simple disposable cigarette lighter can become a piece of custom artwork that you can show off wherever you go. As long as you apply your decorating materials only to the plastic casing below the metal flame guard, you can safely customize your lighter. Use stickers or contact paper to easily cover your lighter with preprinted images, or paint pens and nail polish to craft your own custom designs. If you use acrylic paints, wrap the lighter with a small piece of transparent laminate to protect your designs from being rubbed off.

Create Art

Artists who enjoy creating black and gray scale portraits and drawings can turn an ordinary lighter into a modern day paintbrush. You can create various shades of black and gray by holding your lighter to a canvas and carefully singing and scorching the surface. Use a lead or charcoal pencil to sketch out the outlines of your scene. Light the lighter and gently move it back and forth in front of the area your wish to color in. Hold it about an inch or two away from the surface for light gray shading. Move it closer and hold it a bit longer for darker gray or black areas.


An ideal way to spread the word about your business, club, group, event or anything you want to share, is to order customized lighters from wholesale manufacturers. You can virtually express any message or artwork you like by having it professionally printed on a case of lighters. Many printing companies and manufacturers of promotional items can produce lighters with any text or images you like -- such as sayings, jokes and band or company logos. Simply provide them with a sample of your artwork to be scanned and digitally applied to the lighters.

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