DIY Free Bravery Award Certificate

Do-it-yourself certificates are easy to make and can be customized to fit a variety of situations. Certificates are commonly used to celebrate the accomplishment of someone in an athletic, personal or academic field, and they are a personalized alternative to more traditional cards. Using a simple computer program, such as Microsoft Word, you can make a free bravery award certificate for a courageous person in your life.

Considering Bravery Certificate Ideas

Various sources provide good ideas for phrases or words you can use to capture the sentiment you wish to convey through your own do-it-yourself certificate. One idea is: "This certificate commemorates the uncommon courage exhibited by (person's name) on this (date) day of (month), (year)." Another is: "Certificate of Bravery: This certificate hereby commends (person's name) for exemplary bravery exhibited during (event)."

Formatting the Certificate

The ideal layout for your certificate may entail switching the page layout format to "landscape" rather than "portrait" in Microsoft Word (under "File: Page Setup, Margins") to allow for longer sentences to be accommodated on a single line. Several border types are available, including simple line borders (under "Format: Borders and Shading, Page Border") and a livelier picture border ("Format: Borders and Shading, Page Border, Art drop-down box").

Adding Text

Add text by first selecting "Format: Alignment, Center" so that text is centered on the page. To change the font style, size and color, use the "Format: Character, Font/Font Effects" tabs. Personalize your phrase(s) by adding the person's name, the date and a description of the activity in which he exhibited bravery, and your certificate is ready to print.