DIY: Boarding Pass Invitations

You can make your own boarding pass using card stock.
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Planning a party requires invitations to let the guest know the party details. You can always purchase generic invitations at your local party-supply store. But if you are planning a party that revolves around trains, planes, boats or traveling, you can make your own distinctive and creative invitations yourself. Making boarding pass invitations is inexpensive and requires only card stock and some time to complete.

You can make your own boarding pass using card stock.
ticket image by CORRADO RIVA from

Things You'll Need

  • Card Stock
  • Scissors
  • Stencils
  • Stamps

Cut a piece of card stock into a rectangular shape using scissors. You can use any color card stock you like, such as solid colors or a patterned paper that matches your theme. For example, consider card stock with trains on it or a map pattern. The final size of the rectangle is up to you. A good size to shoot for is 6 by 4 inches.

Turn the rectangle so that the long sides are the top and bottom and the short sides are the sides. Write the words “Boarding Pass” across the top of the card stock. Use freehand writing, stencils or stamps to write the words.

Write your invitation information below the words “Boarding Pass.” Use boarding pass wording for the headings. For example, include “Date,” “Departure Time,” “Arrival Time,” “Departure Location” and “Destination.” Departure time would be the start of the party, and arrival time would be the end time. Departure location would be the party’s address. Destination would be anywhere you are “going” with the party.

Also be sure to include an RSVP request. Personalize it to the type of boarding pass. For example, if you are doing train invitations, use “RSVP to the conductor.” Substitute "pilot" if these are plane invitations or "captain" if they are boat invitations.

Indicate on the ticket that your guests should bring the invitation with them. Use wording such as “Ticket Required for Boarding.” When the guests arrive, either tear the edge off the invitation when they pass through the door or use a hole punch to punch the edge of the invitation.

Repeat the entire process to create as many invitations as you need. Place the completed invitations in an envelope and mail or hand-deliver them.