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Dirt Biking Laws in Georgia

A dirt bike rider grabs some air after jumping a large ramp.
dirt bike airborne image by MAXFX from Fotolia.com

Dirt bikes are small engine motorcycles designed for off-road use. Dirt bike motocross driving is a popular pastime that involves driving over numerous ramps and obstacles on specially designed courses. Georgia has several basic laws and requirements for dirt bike drivers and enthusiasts, which must be followed in order to drive a dirt bike on either a public or private road.


You must be at least 15 in Georgia to obtain a license to drive a dirt bike. You can get a license by passing an eye test, written test and driving test at a Department of Motor Vehicles location. Though a motorcycle license allows a driver to ride a dirt bike, it does not allow the user to drive a car. You must pass a separate written and driving test to obtain that privilege.


Dirt bikes do not need to be registered or insured if they are kept on private courses or residential roads; however, if you plan to take a dirt bike on a city street or highway, it must be registered with the state and fully insured. In order to make a dirt bike street legal, it must have mirrors, headlights, tail and brake lights and a muffler and be inspected and signed off by a Department of Motor Vehicles official.


If you are riding a dirt bike on your own property, the state does not require a helmet, however, private parks typically require drivers to wear a helmet and appropriate pads. If driving on a public road or street, the driver will also need to wear a helmet.

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