Dance Recital Gifts for Kids

Your hard-working dancer deserves a little treat.
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Your child has practiced for weeks or even months and accomplished a dance recital. A gift is one way to show your child you are proud. Gifts can be simple or large and showy, depending on the type of gift your child prefers. Whatever you decide, your child will appreciate your gift.


Though it is a bit of a cliche, children love receiving flowers after a performance. Usually there is a curtain call after dance recitals, and children enjoy taking flowers onstage as they bow to the crowd. Flowers come in a variety of prices, so you do not have to break the bank. Buy something as simple as one rose wrapped with some greens and baby's breath, or something as complex as a spring bouquet in a vase.


Although jewelry is a gift more often chosen for girls, it is an option. Jewelry can be personalized, or you can create a tradition with it. For example, you could buy a charm bracelet for the first dance recital, and each year after, you could purchase a new dance-related charm to add to it. You also could buy something that can be worn at the next dance recital, such as sparkly earrings or a bracelet that won't fall off with the movement of the dance.

Dance Gear

Dance gear is expensive, and your child will need to continually replace stretch pants, tutus, shoes and leotards. Sometimes the best gift you can get your child is something they can wear to practice or in an upcoming show. A new pair of ballet slippers or a new leotard will help your child progress in dance and help you space out purchases so you are not spending a lot all at once.

Personalized Gifts

Several stores and websites offer personalized dancer gifts such as bumper stickers, t-shirts, clothing and car accessories. Your dancer may like something personalized that shows a passion for dance. Clothing purchases that feature dance mottos or logos can be worn to practices as well. Practical gifts such as notebooks, mugs and water bottles are also available for personalization.


Perhaps your dancer has a favorite Broadway show or ballet that's playing in a theater near you. Your dancer will love a night out on the town to see professionals in the dancing industry. If you don't live near big cities that regularly have big productions, look for performances at local theaters or at your high school. Nothing says "Congratulations!" like taking your dancer out for an evening of culture and excitement.