Crafts to Do With a Laminating Machine

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A laminating machine is not only a useful office gadget for protecting paper documents -- it can also be used to create a variety of paper craft items. Even the smallest of laminating machines can be the best friend of a paper craft-smith.

Key Rings, Pet Tags and Button Badges

A laminating machine is perfect for making personalized key rings, pet name tags and button badges. Suitable designs can be hand-drawn or created on the computer before laminating. A giant hole punch can be used to cut out the laminated paper discs for pet tags and buttons, and scissors can be used to cut around the alternative design shapes for key rings. All that needs to be done after laminating is to attach a suitable metal fastening.

Placemats and Coasters

Photographs, prints or sheets of luxury paper can be laminated to produce a set of attractive laminated dinner placemats or coasters. The laminated surface will protect the table surface from the heat of the plate or the hot drink, and it is easily cleaned with a cloth. A laminated placemat can be used to recover a worn or damaged placemat to revamp the look of the table settings.

Baby Mobile and Refrigerator Magnets

A great idea is to make a personalized baby mobile to hang over her cot. Print off some cute animals and cartoon characters or draw and color your own to laminate and attach to a coat-hanger mobile. Or, turn your cute characters into refrigerator magnets for your kitchen and give as gifts to friends.

Bookmarks and Door Knob Hangers

The handy friend of any reader is a bookmark, so make and laminate a varied selection of bookmarks using textured cards and pressed flowers or design and personalize a bookmark on a desktop publishing program. Another handy laminated craft idea for those who do not wish to be disturbed is a door knob hanger. Both of these craft items can be humorous in design.