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How to Charge a SpyNet Watch

The JAKKS Pacific SpyNet Mission Video spy watch for children and teenagers receives power from a 400-mAh-capacity, 3.7-volt lithium-ion polymer rechargeable battery. Whether you need to charge this battery for the first time, or recharge it when the gauge on the battery icon near the top of the display shows low charge, repowering the device quickly is a simple process. You only need to connect the watch via the included mini-USB/USB dongle to a USB port on a computer or other device.

Press the left key on your SpyNet watch for approximately two seconds to turn the watch on or take it out of “Sleep” mode, so that it will later show you the charging screen as the battery charges. If the watch won’t turn on at all, skip this step, as the battery has drained completely and you will need to charge it a little before you will see the charging screen.

Connect the mini-USB plug of the mini-USB/USB charging adapter dongle to the port on the right side of your SpyNet watch.

Insert the USB plug on the adapter into the USB port on a computer or other device that you have powered on. If you connected your watch correctly, you will see the charging screen.

Wait for your watch to charge. Typically, this takes about two hours. When it has finished charging, unplug the dongle from the USB port and then from the watch.


  • Never charge a damaged SpyNet watch. Additionally don’t charge it near items that can ignite, such as wood-based products, plastics, fabrics, carpeting or gasoline, including gas-powered equipment and vehicles. If your SpyNet watch puts off an odor while it's charging, immediately unplug it and call JAKKS Pacific, Inc., at 877-875-2557 for assistance. Never wear your SpyNet watch during the charging cycle.
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