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How to Clean a Vizio Flat Screen TV

Heather Milward/Demand Media

Vizio has always prided itself on offering the latest technological advances in flat-screen televisions. Regardless of what Vizio model you have, it's important to know the proper method for cleaning the TV screen.

Things You'll Need:

  • Cleaning Solution
  • Soft Cloth
Heather Milward/Demand Media

Purchase a cleaning solution that's safe for flat screen televisions. Information on the bottle should indicate that the solution is safe for laptop screens or LCD and plasma screens. Never use alcohol or window cleaners; they are much too harsh and can damage the coating on the screen. Also, be careful not to spray any of the liquid on the screen as it may leak through and damage the TV's circuitry.

Heather Milward/Demand Media

Turn off your TV and disconnect the power. This will make cleaning much safer. You'll also have an easier time seeing dirt, debris and smudges.

Heather Milward/Demand Media

Apply the cleaning solution to a soft cloth. A good cloth to use is made of chamois, microfiber, or is 100% cotton. Wipe the cleaning solution onto the screen, applying it gently and evenly over the entire surface. Be careful as you wipe the screen as any hard pushing, rubbing, or scrubbing could damage the screen.


Dust your Vizio TV weekly to prevent dirt buildup.


  • Never use paper towels or newspapers to clean the screen; they can scratch the surface.
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