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Home Product Remedy to Fix Scratched DVDs

Scratched digital video discs (DVDs) skip, refuse to play or damage DVD players. A scratch on a DVD can happen in many ways–from mishandling the DVD or dropping it to setting something on top of it. DVD stores and electronics stores clean DVDs for a charge. You also can buy a DVD cleaner from a store. There are, however, some home product remedies that can fix scratched DVDs.

Window Cleaner

Use a window cleaner, such as Windex, to fix scratched DVDs. Window cleaners are made to be very gentle so that they can clean glass without damaging or scratching its surface. Cleaning DVDs with window cleaner helps smooth over scratched areas and can help fix them. Also, because many DVDs appear to be scratched when they are actually very dirty, and dirt and scratches can act in the same way on DVDs, using window cleaner to clean your DVDs before taking any additional action is the best way to get them to play properly.

Spray the DVDs with window cleaner. Use a clean, soft cloth to wipe the DVDs in a circular motion, from the inside of each DVD to its outside. Test your DVDs to see if this remedy has made a difference.


Use bananas to clean DVDs. This is not a proven technique, but it is a home remedy used by many people. Cut a banana in half and wipe the fruit area over the DVDs. As the banana coats the DVDs, it can smooth over microscopic scratches. Use window cleaner or plain water to remove the banana from the DVDs, wiping from the inside out. Allow the DVDs to dry, and test them to see if you have made a difference. Bananas are sometimes able to seal the scrapes or scratches on DVDs.

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