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How to Use a Sony PS3 Controller as a DVD Remote

In addition to its gaming capabilities, the PlayStation 3 (PS3) also features DVD and Blu-ray support. Similar to a regular DVD remote, the standard PS3 controller can be used to manipulate DVDs. Because it is not a regular DVD remote, it may take some time to get used to controlling DVDs with the PS3 controller. All of the buttons and options available on a regular DVD remote are present on the PS3 controller.

Press the "Triangle" button to access the Options menu at any time during DVD playback. The Options menu houses audio settings, angle options, caption selection and audio/video settings.

Press the "R1" button to go back a chapter and the "R2" button to move to the next chapter. Press the "L2" button to rewind and the "R2" button to fast-forward.

Use the directional pad to navigate menus and options. Press the "X" button to select options. Press the "Pause" button to play or pause playback. Press the "Square" button to return to the main DVD menu.

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