Candle Packaging Ideas

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Candles come in many shape and sizes and serve as popular home decorations. If you make your own candles to sell at craft fairs, stores or online, you know that proper packaging can leave a big impact on buyers. Customers will be more likely to recommend you to friends if they have a memorable shopping experience. When considering ideas for candle packaging, remember to add your own flair and personality.

Cardboard Box

For simple candle packaging, purchase plain, thin cardboard boxes. Boxes like these come in different shapes, sizes and colors. If your candles are fragile, wrap them in bubble wrap or surround with packing peanuts. Place a sticker with your logo on the box that includes your company name and website. Tie a ribbon or other decorative charm around the box for a decorative touch.


Make the candle in the directly in the packaging. Pour candles wax into aluminum tins, mason jars or glass jars made especially for candles. This option save the time and expense of purchasing separate packaging materials. Design a sticker with your company logo and any burning instructions. Place the sticker on the top of the tin, lid of the jar or on the side of the glass. Tie a ribbon or tulle bow on the candle for a festive look.

Food Packaging

Candles are often scented and some are even shaped like certain types of food. Package the candles the way you’d find the food packaged. For instance, put fruit- or vegetable-scented candles in plastic or wood produce container. If the candles are shaped or scented like baked goods, use a box similar to those bakeries use for a dozen doughnuts. Place a sticker with your logo, company name and website on the box.


If you specialize in making small candles such as votives, artfully arrange them in baskets of an appropriate size. Customers most likely will buy more than one votive at a time and will appreciate having them in a single package. Tie a ribbon on the basket with a tag attached with your company's information on the side of the basket. Customers can reuse the baskets once the votives are removed.

Clear Bags

Those looking for an inexpensive packaging idea can use clear polypropylene bags sold at packaging supply companies. The bags come in a variety of sizes and allow customers to view products through the packaging. This can save time at craft fairs, as you won't have to package items at the time of transaction. Close the bags with rope, ribbon, raffia or twist ties.

Parchment Paper

Around winter holidays, candles with stripes like candy canes appear in stores. If you make candles with this pattern, use parchment paper for packaging. Twist both ends until the paper resembles a candy wrapper. Add a label that is a parody of a candy wrapper but includes your company's name and information.

Useful Object

Package small candles in an object that customers can use again. Water bottles with wide rims can hold several small candles. Paint the outside of the bottle with a design of flames for a distinctive look. Flower pots and coffee mugs can be used the same way.