Cancer Awareness Games

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Cancer claims thousands of lives every year. Cancer awareness games can help to get your family and friends involved in cancer awareness and to create support among your family and friends. These games will help teach about the myths and facts of cancer as well as raise money and support for those living with (or those who have lost a loved one to) cancer.

Ribbon making party

You can have fun (and raise money, too) by hosting a ribbon making party. "Support ribbons" offer love, encouragement and support to those living with cancer. You can invite over as many people as you'd like, spend the day and evening making the support ribbons, then sell them for donations (ensure that 100 percent of the proceeds go to the cancer patient, the American Cancer Society, the Komen Foundation, etc.). All you need to supply is a lot of ribbon, straight pins food and refreshments. Bring your favorite pictures or home movies of the loved-one your supporting for everyone to enjoy.

Trivia games

Create "Cancer Jeopardy" for your friends and family to play. This is especially helpful in creating an open dialogue between parents and their children about cancer. You can create six or seven different topics (myths, breast cancer, self-exams, facts, etc.) then five different "answers" for each category. Everyone will have fun (and learn a lot) when they compete to see who knows "questions" to the corresponding answers. The game can be played with the whole family to conjure support and care for those living with cancer. The best part of the game is that you get to create it yourself. Therefore, you can make it "kid appropriate," if needed.

Sporting fundraisers

All of your friends and family will have a great time raising cancer awareness at a sporting fundraiser. Partner with a local organization (YMCA, local schools, colleges, etc.) and rent their facilities for the game. You can also partner with local companies for sponsorships to raise money. You can create fun contests within the games as well--every point scored in a basketball game your sponsor will agree to donate $10; or every touchdown made your sponsor will donate $200, for example. Everyone can get involved, have fun and enjoy the sport while still raising money for cancer awareness and research. Again, always ensure that 100 percent of the proceeds will go to specific (and legitimate) cancer foundation.