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Can You Slow Down the Sensitivity on the PS3 Controller Sticks?

Many PS3 games have controller sensitivity settings.
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The PlayStation 3 (PS3) controller has two analog sticks that you can use to perform different actions in games, such as moving your character. The controller's sensitivity is usually determined by the game's programming, although calibration issues can also affect controller sensitivity. You can make adjustments to the game and the system settings to fix sensitivity issues with the controller sticks.


Sensitivity problems with PS3 controllers refers to the amount of character movement in the game in relation to the amount of pressure you use to push the controller sticks. The controller has high sensitivity when only a slight push is needed to move your character. High sensitivity can often result in erratic movements by your character. The controller has low sensitivity when you need to press hard on the sticks to force any movement. Low sensitivity limits the amount of finesse you can use when playing the game.


The PS3 does not have a universal system sensitivity setting. It does have a calibration function, which calibrates the PS3 controller. If you're experiencing sensitivity problems with the PS3 controller, try to calibrate it before playing your next game. The calibration function is located in the "Settings" menu on the XcrossMedia Bar. Select "Accessory Settings" and then "Calibrate Motion Controller." Though calibrating the PS3 controller can fix sensitivity problems, you may have more luck using the sensitivity controls within each game.

Game Settings

Many PS3 games include a controller sensitivity setting in the "Settings" or "Options" menu. The sensitivity setting is often presented as a slider bar, which you can move to the left or right. Moving the slider to the left decreases the controller's sensitivity, which requires you to press harder on the controller sticks to move your character. If you move the slider to the right, the controller's sensitivity is increased. Less pressure is needed to move your character when you increase the sensitivity. The sensitivity settings from one game are saved for only that game; the settings do not carry over from one game to another. Some games do not have the option of changing the sensitivity.


You may have a problem with the controller if calibration and game sensitivity adjustments don't improve the controller sticks. Connect a different controller to the PS3 to see if the problem persists. If the second controller doesn't have sensitivity problems, you need to have a professional service the controller or purchase a new one.

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