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How to Fix a Failure in DDR Pads

DDR or Dance, Dance Revolution is a popular video game that appeals to adults and children alike. The game comes with a plastic or vinyl pad that connects directly to your video game system. As you play the game, you step on the different arrows in time with the action on the screen and earn points for each action you perform correctly. It’s possible to fix a failure in a DDR pad if you discover you have a problem.

Things You'll Need:

  • Old Pad
  • Craft Glue
  • Packing Tape
  • Plywood (Optional)
  • Utility Knife

Turn off your video game system and unplug the DDR pad. Wait 5 to 10 minutes and then plug the pad back in before turning on your system. Occasionally your system can have problems reading the cord that connects the pad, which requires setting it up again.

Place the pad on a hard surface before you start playing. If you have thick carpet in your house, use a thin sheet of plywood underneath the board. With carpet, you need to step harder on the pad, which can cause damage and it’s also harder for the pad to read your movements.

Purchase a used pad or find another one in your house that still works. Remove the controller and cord from both the broken DDR pad and the second pad and switch them. The interior controllers and cords work the same on all models and replacing one is an easy fix.

Cover any cracks or holes in the DDR pad with plastic tape such as packing tape. Cracks and holes in the pad are magnets for dust and once dust gets inside, you’ll find that the pad takes longer to respond and doesn’t work as well. Using a little tape can help.

Remove the cover of the pad completely by cutting along the seam or edges with a utility knife. You can also cut the back of the pad off if you’re worried about aesthetics. Locate the foam pads underneath the arrows and apply a thin layer of craft glue. Sometimes you’ll have problems because there wasn’t enough glue on the pads to keep them connected to the arrows. Let the glue dry and then use clear tape to hold the pad together.


If you notice problems immediately after purchasing your pad, return the DDR pad to the store where you bought it, instead of trying to fix it yourself. It’s the store’s responsibility to replace faulty merchandise.

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