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How to Build a Custom LEGO Set Online and Have it Sent to You

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Whether you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind gift or rounding out your own LEGO collection, custom LEGO sets offer a personalized package of exactly the LEGO bricks you need, and none that you don’t. Using LEGO’s DESIGNbyME personalized package, you can design your own LEGO set, get printed building instructions and even custom design the box it comes in. This individually made set makes a perfect gift for a son or daughter, a quirky personalized Valentine or even a special gift to yourself.

Go to designbyme.LEGO.com. This is the dedicated webpage introducing you to LEGO’s custom set options. It will walk you through the steps of imagining, building and ordering your own custom LEGO sets. This webpage also offers information on how you can create a custom set, answers frequently asked questions, and provides users with a message board to connect with other users or get in-depth customer support. There’s even a gallery of custom LEGO sets built by other users.

Get Digital Designer. Digital Designer is LEGO’s free virtual LEGO building program. Downloading the program gives you access to virtual versions of almost every brick, plate and piece that LEGO makes. It lets you digitally build anything you can imagine being made of LEGO. Downloading this program takes only a few minutes and offers hours of fun on its own.

Build and Upload your Custom LEGO Model. With the nearly limitless assortment of bricks in Digital Designer, you are free to build anything your mind can imagine. Virtual LEGO bricks are arranged, stacked and built just like real bricks, and preset models can help you get started. Build your dream design, tweak it to perfection, then modify it to your heart’s delight. Your finished LEGO model can then be uploaded to LEGO through the designbyme webpage.

Order your custom set. Your uploaded model can be saved for later or purchased on the spot. The bricks needed for your custom LEGO set are then selected in the LEGO factory for shipment. Sometimes, a particular piece will be out of stock. In these instances, there is no way to cancel your order, but you will be notified immediately, and LEGO promises that your piece will be back in stock within eight weeks.

Design the package. Further customization tools allow you to design the package for your custom set, letting you use images, photographs and lettering to give your LEGO package the professional touch. One optional item you can include with the package is a building guide, offering illustrated instructions for building your unique LEGO model.

Things You'll Need:

  • Computer
  • LEGO Digital Designer Software
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