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How to Do the T-Pain Effect With Antares

Sound like T-Pain by using the Antares Auto-Tune effect.
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Auto-Tune is a vocal effect used in music recording that was popularized by several artists, perhaps the most popular being T-Pain. The R&B singer T-Pain has now become so synonymous with Auto-Tuning, that the effect is sometimes casually referred to as "the T-Pain effect." Basically, the effect automatically corrects your vocals to match the key of the song. While it does make every note perfect, it has a computerized feel to it. You too can sound like T-Pain using the Antares Auto-Tune in conjunction with another recording program.

Check to make sure that your music recording software is compatible with Antares Auto-Tuner.

Log onto antarestech.com and click "Demo Download" on the left-hand side of the page.

Enter your e-mail address (required) and choose your country from the pull-down menu.

Select "Auto-Tune EVO" from the "Product" pull-down menu. Select your operating system from the "Computer Platform" pull-down menu. Choose "VST" from the "Format" pull-down menu. Click the "Download Product" button to begin downloading Antares Auto-Tune. This should only take a few minutes.

Double-click the file you've just downloaded to begin installing it. Follow the on-screen prompts to finish installation and choose a destination folder. The default folder is your "VST" folder. Restart your computer.

Open your compatible music recording software and create a new song. Create an audio track and open the effects menu for the track. Select "Antares Auto-Tune."

Click "Edit" or "Customize," depending on your recording software, to open the full Antares Auto-Tune application.

Change the key in the Antares Auto-Tune menu to "C Major." This is done by clicking the pull-down menus located beneath the "Key" section.

Make the following adjustments to the appropriate settings in order to make your vocal effect sound like T-Pain: Set "Retune" to "0." Set "Tracking" to "75." Set "Rate" to "0.1." Set "Variation" to "0." Set "Onset Delay" to "0." Set "Onset Rate" to "0." Set "Pitch" to "0." Set "Amplitude" to "30." Set "Format" to "100." Save this preset as "T-Pain" to help you gain access to it more quickly the next time you record.

Record vocals on this track and play them back to hear yourself sound like T-Pain.

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