How to Add Photos to Guitar Picks

guitar picks on white image by Yasen Pramatarov from

Things You'll Need

  • Glue
  • Graphics/image editing software

Adding photographs to your guitar picks is a great way to personalize your guitar playing experience. Whether you add a picture of your band, your family or a favorite pet, a customized guitar pick adds to your individualism as an artist and is a great talking point for fans and journalists once your career's taken off.

Glue a Picture on Yourself

Find the picture you want to add to the plectrum.

Re-size the image in a graphics or image editing program to a size that is going to fit onto a pick.


Print off the image to attach to your pick.

Cut the image to size using a guitar pick as a template.


Attach the image with a strong glue and leave to dry.


Professional Service

Select the image you want to transfer onto your pick.


Find a service like which prints images on picks professionally. There are other companies that offer pick personalization services.


Design your pick online and place your order. They will ship your picks to you.



  • Select an image with as little detail as possible to put on your pick.