Antarctic Crafts for Kids

polar bear image by Earl Robbins from

Crafts are a fun, interactive way for kids to learn. They can be incorporated into most lesson plans. While teaching kids about Antarctica, have them create craft versions of animals that live there.

Penguin Craft

Use an empty 2-liter bottle and fill it with 4 tbsp. black acrylic paint. Add a little bit of water, screw the top on, and shake the bottle. This should coat the inside of the bottle. Take off the top and put it to the side. Draw an oval on the outside of the bottle with a paint brush and acrylic paint. The oval should start at the top of the bottle and go down to the bottom of the bottle. Paint a medium-size foam ball with a paintbrush and black acrylic paint. Cut two penguin wings from black foam, and cut a beak and two feet from yellow foam from a template (see Resources). Once the paint has dried, glue a wing on each side of the white oval, then glue feet onto the bottom of the bottle. Make a hole in the foam ball that's big enough to fit over the bottle cap. Put sand in the bottle to weight it down, screw the top back on, then put the foam ball over the cap. Glue on plastic eyes and the beak.

Polar Bear Dish

Get four small, white Dixie cups. Cut the top rim off of each cup. Cut a line down the side of each cup, starting at the top of the cup and ending at the bottom of the cup. Draw a black paw on the bottom of each cup with black marker. Use a hot glue gun to apply a small amount of glue to the inside of each cup. Flatten the cup as much as you can. The glue should hold the flattened portion in place. Next, glue the flattened side of each cup to the top of a foam plate. The plate will act as the bear's body, so each drawn-on paw should be facing outward. Take another foam plate and apply glue to the top rim. Turn it over and attach it to the first foam plate. Take a foam bowl and apply glue to the bottom of the bowl, then attach the bowl to the plate you just glued down. This will be the serving dish for snacks. Lastly, take a white, foam cup, and draw two eyes on the side of the cup. On the bottom of the cup draw a nose and mouth. Put glue on the bottom side of the cup, but only on the top rim part, and attach the cup to the plate, in between two legs.

Igloo Craft

Take a foam cup and, starting at the opening of the cup, cut a line that goes down a couple of inches. An inch or two away from that line, cut another line identical in length. There should now be a flap cut out of the cup, so cut the top of the flap off, so there's an opening in the cup. Turn the cup upside down, and start to glue rows of marshmallows all along the foam cup.