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A Way to Transfer PS2 Saves to PS3 without a Memory Card Adapter

Scott Barbour/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Some versions of the Sony PlayStation 3, such as the early 60GB model, are programmed with backwards compatibility. This lets gamers play their PS2 and PS1 games on their PS3 console. This presents a problem since the PS3 does not have any inputs for a PS2 or PS1 memory card, limiting your ability to play your saved games. Sony solved this problem by making a USB memory card reader, but why buy something that you are only going to use once? Using the uLaunchELF program lets you transfer your saves without the memory card reader.

Backup PS2 Saves to USB

The uLaunchELF program lets you backup your PS2 saves and makes it easy and free to transfer them to your PS3. This open-source program includes a file manager and executable launcher to give you access to the files on your PS2. Download the uLaunchELF iso and burn it to a CD. Insert the CD into your PS2 in conjunction with a USB storage device. Ensure that your PS2 memory card is inserted as well. When your PS2 is started up, you will be brought to the uLaunchELF menu where you will be able to transfer your saves from your PS2 memory card onto your USB storage device.

Transfer Saves to PS3

Once your saves have been backed up to a USB storage device, all you have to do is plug in the USB storage device to your PS3 and transfer the files. You will have to create a PS2 internal memory card on your PS3, which you can do under the “Games” menu. Then, select your USB device from the “Games” menu and press “Triangle.” Locate the saves you wish to transfer, press “Triangle,” and copy them onto your internal PS2 memory card. Once the saves have been transferred, you will be able to play your PS2 games on your PS3 with your game saves intact.

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