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The Advantages of PS3 Jailbreak

A jailbroken PS3 voids all firmware updates.
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Advantages to jailbreaking your Sony PlayStation 3 include the ability to install various operating systems and create internal backups of your video games and movies. However, despite the benefits associated with jailbreaking a PS3, numerous disadvantages also exist. Knowing all of the advantages of a jailbroken PS3 will help you determine if they outweigh the disadvantages.

Making Games Portable

Once you jailbreak your PlayStation 3, you're able to copy hard disk games onto an external USB hard drive such as a memory stick or flash drive. You can also copy Blu-ray films onto an external USB hard drive. The major benefit of this is that it makes your video game and movie collection portable. Once on an external USB hard drive, your games and Blu-ray movies will be operational on any other PlayStation 3. If your friend also has a jailbroken PS3, you can copy her video game and movie collection onto a memory stick to take home with you.

Cheats And Modifications

A jailbroken PS3 gives you access to more video game cheats and video game modifications. One such modification is referred to as "God mode," which basically makes you invincible throughout the entire game. Cheats include unlimited ammunition and unlimited lives. You can also alter game play to create an anti gravity effect. These cheats and modifications work for numerous PlayStation 3 games, including "Call of Duty: Black Ops."

The Backup

Since you can copy your Blu-ray movies and video games onto the internal hard disk of your PlayStation 3, you'll always have two copies of the media: one copy formatted to your internal hard disk and one hard copy which you can physically hold. This is beneficial if you always lose your hard copy version of a video game or movie. Having a version copied onto the PS3 hard disk ensures that you can always enjoy that media, even if the hard copy version becomes scratched, damaged or misplaced.


Although there are advantages to jailbreaking your PlayStation 3, the disadvantages should not be overlooked. For starters, Sony frowns upon those who jailbreak their PlayStation 3, and will void the warranty attached to any jailbroken system. Secondly, any PlayStation 3 that has been jailbroken cannot be used for online multi-player games. These games often require firmware updates and -- once your PS3 has been jailbroken -- it will not have access to these firmware updates. Make sure to weigh the pros and cons of jailbreaking before you leap into it, especially if you enjoy gaming online.

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